The AmmoBroom Difference

AmmoBroom Difference


AmmoBroom is purpose designed brass picker designed by shooters for shooters.

There are cheaper and indeed alternative solutions to collecting brass however Ammobroom remains the best

Why is AmmoBroom  the Solution to collecting brass ?

Attention to detail

The Wires

The Wires

By using 1.4mm/ 17 SWG wires it ensures the AmmoBroom will not only collect all centerfire brass but it will also last

The Ammobroom Notched Disc

The Ammobroom Notched Disc

The Notched Disc – by holding each individual wire in place every brass case is collected , none are left behind.

The Handle


Patented five piece handle

Patented five piece handle

The Handle for the Ammobroom is unique , five piece steel handle with friction lock fittings

Allowing you to shorten the handle for the kids , or indeed when poking under benches and range structures for the hard to get at brass.

Also makes transporting a breeze.

The Emptying Device


The Emptying Device


The Emptying device clips onto a bucket or other carton – just press down on the “spike” with the AmmoBroom and you are done !

Empties all your brass in under a second

Ammobroom Emptying

Ammobroom $79.95  $69.95 inc shipping to the lower 48 states




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