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“Garden Weasel
If you’re thinking about getting the Garden Weasel because it’s similar and less expensive, don’t waste your money. The Garden Weasel has a larger basket and does not retain the brass one tenth as well as the Ammo Broom.”

Steven Veldt

“This is the cats patoot, now I need to buy the separator trays for different calibers. I hope more people don’t buy them, they would all pick up there own brass, lol”

Marcus Buchard !

” Note: this is not the same as a tree-nut-sweeper – those are too wide and the wires too far apart to be very effective.”

Chip Arizona



 “The Ammo Broom has a nice long handle, unlike a competitor. They were clever and made the hook piece at the top free-swiveling – otherwise klutzes like me would have pounded a fixed one in at the wrong angle.” Chip

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“Brilliant “

“Received the AmmoBroom Brass – Great works in dirt and grass perfectly “

“AmmoBroom Brass Arrived – thanks – excellent product“

“These ammobrooms are an exclusive. Perfect for picking up brass casings, and has made bending over a thing of the past! “

“Every shooter needs one of these. If you shoot anything larger than 22lr, this thing will pick it up. I have had it for a month now. That’s 6 trips to the range. I’ve picked my own brass up, then take another hour and pick up any brass others leave. I’ve collected about 75lbs of brass IN ONE MONTH!! I love this thing. It really saves time and makes me extra cash on the side.”

“This product is great. When I ordered it I was hoping it would help me collect more of my brass for re-loading. Once I received and tried it out I knew that it would exceed my expectations. This is easier than using a broom and dust pan to pick brass up.”

“These ammobrooms are an exclusive. Perfect for picking up brass casings, and has made bending over a thing of the past!”

“Don’t buy!!! it works too good, I want to have the only one!!!! “

“When using this go late to the range – free brass in seconds “

“I recently started collecting my brass when I shoot, and I was looking for something to help me pick up my brass and save my back. I looked around and found this ammo broom. Let me tell you, this fits the bill perfectly. I practiced using it on my carpet at home and it worked well. When I went to the Ben Avery range in Phoenix, I used the ammo broom to pick up my brass and I’m sure I sold a couple too, because people who were bending down and picking up their brass asked me where to get it. This product works great.”

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AmmoBroom On Grass

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