Tired of Bending to Collect your Brass ?

The Solution !

Collect all Centerfire Brass faster than you can shoot

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What one of our customers said !

 ” This is not a higher priced “cheap” product that was designed to pick up nuts off the ground. It stands on its own.

This rig is really cool, and does the job of picking up brass. “


The Rev. J. Haden McCormick





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So you are tired of picking up your brass ?


Or perhaps you would like to pick up the brass you find lying on the range ?


Brass is now worth a lot of money – Don’t leave it behind !

On Grass

AmmoBroom On Grass

Ammobroom brass catcher working on grass

On Concrete/Tarmac

AmmoBroom on Concrete

AmmoBroom Brass Catcher working on Concrete

And of course on the Range Floor

Ammobroom on Range Floor

AmmoBroom Brass Catcher on the range floor !

AmmBroom Brass Catcher

AmmoBroom Brass Catcher







What Our Customers Say

“These ammobrooms are an exclusive. Perfect for picking up brass casings, and has made bending over a thing of the past! “

“Every shooter needs one of these. If you shoot anything larger than 22lr, this thing will pick it up. I have had it for a month now. That’s 6 trips to the range. I’ve picked my own brass up, then take another hour and pick up any brass others leave. I’ve collected about 75lbs of brass IN ONE MONTH!! I love this thing. It really saves time and makes me extra cash on the side.”

“This product is great. When I ordered it I was hoping it would help me collect more of my brass for re-loading. Once I received and tried it out I knew that it would exceed my expectations. This is easier than using a broom and dust pan to pick brass up.”

30 day no quibble Money Back Guarantee !


12 Month Warranty



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